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The Museum of Motherhood is grateful to Materials for the Arts for providing great resources and items for upcoming exhibits.

Journey of the mannequins from Material for the Arts to M.O.M.

Journey of the mannequins from Material for the Arts to M.O.M.

Dear Jones Group and Osh Kosh B’gosh

Since 2011 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan the Museum of Motherhood (M.O.M.) has focused its attention on mothers, fathers, and families. Our science, art and history center helps educate people about the emotional and physical aspects of child rearing. More importantly, we create community

Thank you for your recent donation to Materials for the Arts. The museum looks forward to using your recent mannequin donation to create a guest exhibit at the O’Malley Library at Manhattan College beginning September 2014. This will be on view through the 2014 fall semester.

Here is a little more about who we are:

We are the first and only facility of its kind. The Museum Of Motherhood (M.O.M.) is an International museum and teaching facility that focuses on mothers, fathers, and families. Our mission is to start great conversations, feature thought-provoking exhibits, and share information and education that support agency and compassionate awareness. We believe a more comprehensive understanding of pregnancy; birth and the value of caregiving-work will lead to healthier and happier homes, more productive workplaces and better social policies.

Working with students and universities, we have hosted internships for 60 youth each year focused on diversity and community outreach. Ongoing programs have impacted residents, neighboring boroughs and influenced families as far as Guatemala and Liberia, affecting the global landscape as it pertains to women’s health, wellness and social standing.

Academic partnerships have resulted in ongoing course studies in the field of ‘Mother Studies’ and annual events reach thousands of students and lay-people annually.

We thank you for your support. On behalf of myself, the museum and as a recent recipient of items from Materials for the Arts, we are grateful.

Joy Rose, Founder & Executive Director

Our blog earlier in the week, gives way to Washington-inspired dismay as Justices vote against some women’s access to contraception in corporate culture.

This from NPR:

“Today’s decision jeopardizes the health of women” who work at the companies included in the court’s decision, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said.

The AP reports that “Earnest said the White House is looking into how many women could be affected by the decision. He said Congress should take action to assist women affected by the decision.”

Update at 11:05 a.m. ET: Quotes From The Opinions

The court concludes that “there is an alternative to the contraceptive mandate,” in the opinion that has now been posted to the Supreme Court’s website.

It notes that the owners of the “closely held for-profit corporations have sincere Christian beliefs that life begins at conception” and that they object to the part of the ACA under which employers are “required to provide coverage for the 20 contraceptive methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration, including the 4 that may have the effect of preventing an already fertilized egg from developing any further by inhibiting its attachment to the uterus.” More.


Museums do not technically take an activist stand, however this activist and museum founder, M. Joy Rose believes that access to birth control is a fundamental right for women and of paramount concern. It is perhaps the biggest determiner for how her life will take shape. One only need read a small sampling of history to see how women’s lives changed, for the better, once they were able to access birth control.

We are saddened by today’s decision and will continue to take a stand.

Art from Taylor Marsh.

Congratulations to American Families – We may be joining the modern world after all. In the news this week from multiple sources, women, mothers, and caregivers are making headlines as Washington reexamines governmental policies on family leave. Thanks to everyone who’s been working hard to push this agenda forward.

NPR’s “On Point” featured the topic of workplace flexibility and paid parental leave. The conversation centered on the importance of addressing the fact that America is one of only three countries in the entire developed world with no nationally mandated parental leave policy.

As one of the guests at NPR wrote: As long as Americans keep viewing childbirth as a “personal decision” and not a societal benefit, we’ll continue [to have a problem]. Who’s going to pay the future taxes, run the future government, pay into Social Security/Medicare, and fight future wars if we keep making childbirth a setback and a hardship for families? There is a benefit to you if your neighbor down the street, or your employee, has a child, and a better benefit if that mother/father has the time to bond and spend time with her child over the years – the benefit is in a better nurtured and better educated citizenry and workforce in the future. Does everything always have to come down to the personal profit of the so-called “job creators” in this country? What about building a foundation for future “job creators?” Also, to not require paid maternity leave in today’s economy is inherently discriminatory, since women as a class are the only ones who take the hit.

The Museum of Motherhood has featured exhibits addressing these issues. The next pop-up exhibit at Manhattan College, organized by Founding Director Martha Joy Rose by the invitation of Dr. Roksana Badruddoja, will feature the “Sociology of Motherhood.” This exhibit will spell out some basic statistical demographics of social class, gender roles, and the effect of Industrialized Western culture on our values and economic landscape.

Materials For The Arts Mannequins for MOM Museum Exhibit at O'Malley Library

Materials For The Arts Mannequins for MOM Museum Exhibit at O’Malley Library

President Obama announced at the White House Working Families Summit, on June 23, 2014, “When women succeed, America succeeds…the bottom line is that 21st-century families deserve 21st-century workplaces. And our economy demands them, because it’s going to help us compete. It’s going to help us lead. And that means paid family leave, especially paid parental leave. There is only one developed country in the world that does not offer paid maternity leave, and that is us…It’s time to change that, because all Americans should be able to afford to care for their families.”

THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING ORGANIZATIONS (and others) who are working to achieve the goal of valuing women’s labor in the home and out ~ We salute you.

NPR “On Point” with Tom Ashbrook, Ellen Galinsky & Lotte Bailyn
Mother The Job
AWP – AWP’s Better Work, Better Life campaign has enlisted 85 Jewish nonprofits – organizations that have established healthy policies of paid leave and formal flexible work arrangements.
Working Mother Magazine

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